Mommy Love

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Ah Mao sticks to Mommy all the time and mommy has become very protective. Time to time we will wipe Ah Mao to keep her “clean” because she is still too young to bathe. Mommy appears to be worried and when we separate her when its feeding time, she even leaves some of her food to Ah Mao. Thanks Mommy for your

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Ah Mao Update

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We receive lots of enquiries in expressing interest in adopting Ah Mao but she is not ready yet. She still milking and is much dependent on the fostering mommy. Ah Mao follows mommy closely, where she goes and what she does. She is also very underweight at the moment. Our volunteers have to change mommy’s diet as she is milking.

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Sometimes the ones we save save us – Ah Mao

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On the 16th of October night, a worried mum came by St Pets where our office is at with a tiny kitten, her daughter has picked up an abandoned kitten in her primary school. The kitten was still whining, without a mother cat, this kitten will stand a very low chance of surviving. A quick-thinking volunteer decided to take over

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Xiao Hei – Recovery after Operation

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We got a call from Jia Hui on the 29th August in regards to a cat named Xiao Hei. One night it injured its left eye, Jia Hui decided to seek from us. Xiao Hei was a community cat taken care by Jia Hui since it was a kitten till now. Xiao Hei was treated by the vet but he

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