We are a group of people who share a common interest in their love for animals and wanting to do more for them, which is why Save The Strays Society was born. We are registered as a nonprofit organization with the registry of Singapore since 2014

We have been looking after stray animals and taking care of them by fulfilling their needs like, feeding them and getting medical attention for animals that are feeling unwell, but now we hope to do more for strays.

We look for stray feeders and help aid them by providing them pet food supplies to ease their financial burden. We believe strongly that strays feeder all over Singapore are our eyes to look after the strays, by getting in touch with them, we have broadened our network and help can be reached to every individual stray animal in need.

Medial aid is also very important, that is why we need everyone combine effort to make it possible for our stray animals to seek medical attention. Most of the stray feeders are earning low-income wages. More often then not, they will leave the sick animals untreated until the disease gets the better of the poor animal. This all can change with our society’s intervention.

We are looking forward to building a shelter where we do not cull animals that are sick or deformed. Instead, we will nurse them back to health and give them all the love they can get. We support adoption drive and we would run a few of them in the near future.

We are just doing our part for these animals. We are a young society that needs all the help we can get. You can do your part to help us in any way from donating to subscribing to even volunteer work.

Our Aim is to help promote awareness of abandoning pets, Support pet adoption, to ensure that stray animals get the proper supplements, food and medical attention needed.

We hope that in the future we will be able to be aid families who are unable to upkeep their pets due to financial burdens by providing with pet supplies.