Story Ellis – It is important to mashed!

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This darling, Ellis is a victim of unmashed window. She fall off the window and broke its two legs and jaw. Her medical bills cost up to Five thousand dollars. Our society has decided to help this special case of negligence because they really needed some assistants. We may not help much but every little effort go a long way.

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Story Tiger – Gum Problem Recovery

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Tiger was suffering from gum problem and because it was left untreated it has affected its diet as it is too painful to eat. Tiger was suffering from very bad gum problem and because of the funding issues, the treatment was delayed. We manage to help to fund part of the medical fee.  What warms our heart was Tiger received treatment

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STSS 2nd Year Anniversary

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We started off freelance helping the strays and the team who shares this common interest of helping the strays grew. We get together formally on November 2014 and received the approved registration with ROS later on 13 Mar 2015. We have come a long way to set up the society, we faced challenges at the start of our formative and we struggled

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Adoption Drive 30 Oct 2016

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Our adoption drive will not be possible without our volunteers. They are our pillars that support us quietly. Many of them are camera shy, would prefer to not be mention and remain anonymous.

Adoption Drive 16 Oct 2016

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A big thank you to all the Volunteers! We are happy that many shown up have shared their interests with the cats! The foster will follow up with you on the adoptions arrangement. Stay tuned for the upcoming adoption drive!!!