STSS Aunty Ann

Our first cat feeder Aunty Ann
Stray feeder in Toa Payoh
Picture taken during one of the session when we pass her the cat food

Aunty Ann lives alone with one of her pet cat. She has been a stray feeder for 25 years. She is currently jobless and she is concern mainly over her financial ability to go on feeding the strays. She suffers from pain in her right thigh and pain in her left shoulder due to old age. She is glad and relieve we are going to helped her.

Aunty Ann’s (exact words): I am so afraid, who is going to feed the cats here next time? The other lady as feed cats stay at block 60 is very ill now.
‘I got no more money to continue feeding the cats, it is very expensive for me, i am just an old lady.’
‘Everyone thinks that we cat feeders are very rich you know, not all of us are!’
‘I spent about $480 dollars a month just on cat food and i cannot go on already, i cant even take any of this cats home because i am on government aid.’

Aunty Ann is one of the Stray feeders we are helping. Cat feeders look after all the stray cats in Singapore, they will be our society’s eyes to keep a look out for cats that are unwell and they will be our hands that help feed the strays in Singapore.

Many stray feeders in Singapore are from low income groups, they would rather stave themselves then to see a cat go hungry. There are many like Aunty Ann, who find themselves in a difficult position. Rain or shine, they bring the food to the cats. We are working with Superpets for pet supplies. Superpets delivers island wide, they are able to manage large scale food supplies and they are in full support of our cause.

Please help us out, every single help we can get goes a long way for us.

STSS Madam Lum

Madam Lum
Stray feeder in Serangoon
Picture taken with our volunteers and their kids

She feels that more can be done to help these strays animals. She is doing her part to feeding the stray cats in Serangoon. She say that these cats are all alone and not many people are willing to feed them. If not one wants to feed them, this pitiful cats will go hungry. She feeds the cats at 5pm daily, return home for dinner and continue feeding them again around 7pm on wards. She feeds a whopping 10 blocks of cats everyday!!!

Despite getting bullied from members of public, she still continue feeding these cats everyday. She tries to keep healthy as she cannot afford to fall sick. If i am Sick, Who is going to feed them? She is very glad that our society cares for the strays feeders as she feels that she is all a alone in this fight to give these strays their basic needs of food. Help Madam Lum ease the burden of feeding these strays. These are real life situations stray feeders go through everyday. Lets help them together! Any small help we can get will go a long way for the Stray feeders, the Strays and us. Help like/Share our Facebook page or make a small donation to us to help the stray feeders and the strays.

Below are some of the other stray feeders that we have been helping and supply them in assistance of food on monthly basis.
Currently, we are helping 10 strays feeders and some of them do not wish to be named. We thank them for their kindness to these fur kids!

STSS Aunty Mona TPY blk 55 12 yrs

Aunty Mona

STSS Aunty Janet TPY 10 yrs

Aunty Janet

STSS Aunty Sheena TPY 10 yrs

Aunty Shamla

STSS Aunty tba

Aunty Winnie