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We got a call from Jia Hui on the 29th August in regards to a cat named Xiao Hei. One night it injured its left eye, Jia Hui decided to seek from us. Xiao Hei was a community cat taken care by Jia Hui since it was a kitten till now. Xiao Hei was treated by the vet but he had to remove his left eye due to infection.

This is Xiao Hei, in his healthier days.

Post Operation.

Xiao Hei recovered successfully and he is currently residing at his boarding house, it is too dangerous for him to be roaming the streets in his current state.

Xiao Hei was eventually adopted by a feeder, but further test results in Oct shows that he is FIV positive, he was then moved to a boarding house at Lim Chu Kang.

He is currently on monthly steroid injection, after his second injection on Nov 25, he started to stop eating completely. He had to be force fed and subcutaneous diet. Latest update, the vet says that Xiao Hei has Pancreatitis, a condition where the is an inflammation of a gland situated behind the stomach. 

Following is the last few picture of Xiao Hei.

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